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Lianyungang Hengmao Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

Hangzhou Hengmao Chemical Co., Ltd.is the head of Trade Hangzhou Heng Chemical Co., Ltd. invested in the professional production of chlorinated phenols series of large enterprises,The plant is located in the east bridgehead of Eurasia Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province Lingang Chemical Industrial Zone, the existing total assets of 200 million yuan, more than 300 employees, including engineering and technical personnel and senior management staff of 50 people. Is a production, trade, sales, diversified, high-tech private enterprises.

Lianyungang Hengmao Chemicals co., ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of chlorophenol series products in China, the company is located in Lin’ gang Chemical Park in Lianyungang city of Jiangsu province, with total assets of 100 million yuan (RMB) and over 300 employees including more than 50 engineering technicians and senior managers . We are one of the high-tech private groups with manufacturing and sales in China. We, Lianyungang Hengmao Chemicals co., ltd. has a strong technical force, has been a leading manufacturer in China’s chemicals industry, with completed public supporting of water, electricity and steam, enjoying first-class production line of Chlorophenol series products and completed inspection facilities in China. Our main products includes : Para Chlorophenol, Ortho Chlorophenol,2.4-Dichlorophenol, 2.6-Dichlorophenol, 2,4,6-Trichlorophenol, 2,4,6-Trichlorophenol sodium salt , Naphthol AS, Naphthol AS-BO, Naphthol AS-BS, Naphthol AS-PH, Naphthol AS-OL, Naphthol AS-E, Naphthol AS-D, Naphthol AS-LC, Ammonium hydroxide , Refined Ammonia, Muriatic acid, Refined hydrochloric acid machine-made ice, Casting furan resin etc. And in 2012, the company re-expansion of production scale, the new workshop and production equipment Naphthol production. The annual outputs are 20,000 tons of Chlorophenol series, 30,000 tons of Refined Ammonium hydroxide, 150,000 tons of Industrial Ammonium hydroxide, 30,000 tons of calcium chloride, 20,000 tons of Muriatic acid and 30,000 tons of machine-made ice, 3,000 tons of the Naphthol products, 5,000 tons of Casting furan resin, which are not only in great demand in China, but also being exported to European, US and the Southeast Asia market, and the company was honored as “Company of Observing Contracts and Keeping Promises” in Jiangsu province. Being technolog-led/centered, we have been actively cooperating with renowned domestic universities to develop new products. With high-quality products, sincere services and excellent reputation, we are looking forward to the cooperation of friends from across the globe!